Friday, December 31, 2010

Advanced Stalls

Wednesdays lesson was on advanced stalls.  It is the last fundamentals lesson before starting circuits.  We got booted from the office mid arvo as the power went out, so I took the opportunity to squeeze in this lesson.  I've been excited about this lesson as I know it involves some fun manoeuvres, particularly wingdrops when stalling with flaps and power.

The lesson was no disappointment, it was fun.  We covered a bunch of different stall configurations which included:

Straight & Level1500 rpm00Basic stall, slower speed.
Straight & LevelIdle200Basic stall, slow airspeed, lower attitude.
Straight & Level1500 rpm200Slow speed, wingdrop occurred :)
Climbing (departure stall)2100 rpm00Small wingdrop.
Descending Turn (approach stall)1500 rpm200Was fun, but we couldn't get the C-152 to stall in this configuration.
Glide StallIdle030High attitude, slow speed.

To try and capture the fun, my trusty GoPro HD Hero was along for the ride.  The only problem was that I hadn't charged the battery, so 80% of the flight was not recorded.  However it did get Adam demonstrating the powered flap stall, which delivered the first wingdrop.  This one wasn't to severe, well not as severe as the one that occurred when I did it.  Particularly because my first attempt I did a few wrong things, like use the Ailerons, making it worse (more fun).  Here is a link to the wingdrop with Adam calmly recovering it or watch it below.  What you can't see is the full right rudder it kicks in...

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